Thursday, March 20, 2014

The vernal equinox

Today marks a significant astronomical event, the vernal equinox. It is one of two times each year that the Earth's polar axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun. The day and night are of roughly (though not exactly) equal duration. It also marks the start of spring in the northern hemisphere. Yay!

Pearls of dew adorn a spider's web as new spring leaves emerge on this shrub. Click on the picture to pearlinate.

I'm taking Callie in for her annual grooming today. She needs a good bath and brushing and trim. She doesn't like being left with the groomer who told me last year that Callie was not the perfectly behaved dog that I like to think she is. Oh well. The price of beauty.


  1. Those pearls are fabulous. And good luck to Callie... as my wife says... "it's not easy being glam-ous".

  2. belle printemps! we have FINALLY rid ourselves of the backyard snow piles. but everything is muddy and nothing is in bloom yet; too cold and rainy. the spider web looks like my own single strand of pearls.

  3. I've been contemplating my next (only 2nd!) jewelry project for a girlfriend's 60th birthday next weekend and looking at that spider web has given me an idea for the design! Pearls! Merci, Walt! The spider web also fits right in the with the Big Event our local library is having for the Read In of The Great Gatsby! I can see an echo of the Roaring 20's in that web. You have given me an inspiration to combine the two ideas with your photo!

    Mary in Oregon

  4. Best spider web photo yet! As for Callie, that groomer just needs to show some respect.

  5. I was told today we should call it the March equinox as for half the world it is the autumnal not the spring equinox. I hadn't thought of it like that before.

  6. Maybe Callie's poor behavior is attributable to her dislike of the groomer.

  7. stuart, ain't that the truth!

    anne marie, it's supposed to get cold again here, too.

    mary, sounds great!

    mitch, Callie's just nervous. She wasn't mean or anything.

    michael, that's a good point.

    starman, she just doesn't like being left behind in a strange place. I don't think it's the groomer at all.

  8. What a beautiful picture!


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