Sunday, March 23, 2014

The chill is on

The air flow shifted to the north again and we're having seasonable weather and temperatures. Chilly mornings, a little warmer in the afternoons with alternating rain squalls. Ice pellets danced on our windows a time or two during the day on Saturday.

The woods are coming out of their winter browns. There's more green every day.

Not much to do outdoors right now. The contractor came and measured for the living room window. He said he'd have an estimate for us in the coming week. I'm back to building the daily fire in the wood stove. Maybe another month, depending on the weather.


  1. And here we've been getting a big taste of summer. Back on the beach again. I wonder what the real summer will be like.

    Are those insect trails on the leaves?

  2. Typical!
    We arrive chez nous the minute the weather takes a turn for the worse!

  3. Up and down weather, but spring weather is definitely on its way! Ditto Mitchell's question.

  4. Yeah we had ice pellets this afternoon. That was right after a brilliant sun... which was right after heavy overcast... which was right after partly cloudy skies.... I guess you know the drill. Looks like spring will be calling in sick for the next week.


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