Monday, March 24, 2014

Periodic puppy pics

Here we go again. I can't help taking her picture, especially after she's just been groomed. Callie did better at the groomer's this time. She wasn't happy when I left, but the groomer said she was a good girl, just a little scared.

Callie and her Tricky Treat Ball. The ball has treats inside that fall out when she pushes it around. It's her favorite toy.

It's nice to have the fur on her legs and back end cut short. I'm thinking I should get her groomed again in the fall so that she's easier to clean up after winter walks.


  1. She's a real glamour-puss - or, rather, glamour-pup.

  2. That's a great portrait... the lighting is perfect... with catchlight ! And now I'm thinking of getting my own Tricky Treat Ball.

  3. bee-yoo-tee-ful! a day at the beauty spa makes EVERY girl look good.

  4. You should frame this portrait!

  5. Hé Hé, no need to catch her off guard to get a beautiful picture.
    I guess she is getting used to being photographed .
    Evelyn is right - this portrait needs to go on a wall :-)

  6. That sounds like a good idea, the fall grooming. She is so adorable. What a fun toy,too! Love that Callie! Between Callie and Mitch's Dudo and Moose, I'm a happy reader :)

  7. Aaw, she's gorgeous. How old is she, by the way?

  8. Home again, that's one happy pup! I've never heard of that ball; could there be one for cats as well? I'll have to check around here.

    Mary in Oregon

    1. Mary, there is a "mouse" for cats...
      made by Felix... the cat food people...
      we've got one.
      Put treats in it and the cat has to knock it around to get the treats out...
      you can choose between, three, two and one opening by twisting the base.
      Our tomcat can't quite get it right...
      but his sister has the knack.
      If she's in a good mood, the'll knock one out and let him have it...
      if he's recently annoyed her, hard luck!!

  9. Callie is gorgeous... and so is the photo!

  10. 19C and wet at 02h00 here.


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