Friday, March 07, 2014

Sunset with jetliner

I may be crazy, but I want to use our new barbeque grill and this weekend's weather forecast is nice. If you consider temperatures around 15ºC (about 60ºF) to be nice. I'm still building a fire in the wood stove every afternoon to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. But the clear sunny weather is screaming "barbeque!" I'll bet I'm not the only winter-weary guy out here who is itching to cook on the grill.*

Sunset on Wednesday.

To get the new grill working, I have to get a gas bottle and the connector hose. Those are sold at all the local supermarkets so that's not a problem. Except, of course, when we were out yesterday I saw that I had a choice between butane and propane. I wasn't expecting that (I thought the default was butane) and I had to come home to re-check the instructions. Turns out I can use either.

We have a chicken and some beef in the 'fridge; we just need to decide which to cook first.

* Roseanne Barr once said (and I'm paraphrasing) that men are only really good at two things. One is barbecuing. The other is reading maps. "Because only the male mind can understand the concept of one inch equaling a hundred miles." Remind me to show you my map collection.


  1. Go for the BBQ! :-)
    My dad used to insist that barbequing was the only way to treat a T-bone steak; so if we had one as a treat out would come the BBQ [admittedly a small charcoal affair] -- I think only severe frost/snow ever stopped him.

  2. bwhahahahaha! (the roseanne comment)

    so jealous of the BBQ; and please cook both, leftovers are great!

  3. Walt, you are a good man. I see evidence of your BBQ abilities on these pages, and I know from experience you are good with maps.

  4. I think that we are (charcoal) grilling this afternoon! I think it will be in the '50s, the sun is BRIGHT, and the snow is almost all melted :) It REALLY feels like spring is almost here!

  5. Walt

    The crazy Canuck bbq'ed a leg of lamb @ -18 C last sunday . So you are not the crazy one :-)

  6. Haven't had a BBQ in ages. I loved that Roseanne comment!

  7. n&a, for me it has to be warm enough to stand outside near the grill. Otherwise it's no fun. :)

    anne marie, we did beef on Friday, chicken for Saturday.

    christine, :)

    judy, yay! What are you grilling?

    t.b., wow. That's dedication!

    victor, it's difficult in a high-rise condominium. But not impossible...


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