Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mini greenhouse

Here's another instance of adaptive re-use. Plastic water bottles are often used to protect new grape vines planted in established vineyards. We see them all over certain vine parcels out behind the house. Often they're clear bottles, but this one (and a few others around it) is tinted a bright blue color.

Tiny water droplets form inside the plastic bottle making it sparkle in the morning sun.

Our streak of sunny weather continues, although it's not quite as warm as it was last Sunday. Still, we are not complaining. Yesterday, I got the gravel paths sprayed with herbicide. The multitude of green weeds growing through the gravel should wither away within the week. There will be more. It's impossible to pull them all by hand, so herbicide is the best, if not the "greenest," solution for me.


  1. Walt, you need an X800 for your paths!!
    It is a bright orange flamethrower and runs on petrole...
    [parrafin to us Britz]....
    it has a two wheel trolley and a flame guard for use on paths.

    As demonstrated by someone on our allotment....
    they are also very good at destroying wasps nests....
    How do you make a wasp bark....
    Point the X800 at it...
    it goes "Woof"!
    ...and it only took two years for that bit of the allotment hedge to recover!!

  2. Boiling water works pretty well at killing weeds in paving and on driveways and paths.

    1. Hey, Andrew, that's a great bit of info about killing weeds. Thanks!

      Walt, hope you enjoyed your grilling.

  3. You've just described one of the major joys of apartment living.


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