Saturday, March 22, 2014

The time has come

Today we have an appointment with the guy who's replaced nearly all the windows in our house over the last ten years. We're finally ready to do the big porte-fenêtre (French doors) in the living room. It's been our lowest priority because it's on the east side of the house and is protected by the deck. Most of our weather comes from the west side and the west-facing windows were the first to get replaced.

The east-facing French doors this morning at sunrise. Notice the rolled-up rug on the floor to keep cold air out.

We think that the windows were all original, dating back to the mid to late sixties when the house was built. They were all single-glazed, divided light panels that opened into the house in the standard French style. We've replaced most of them now with double-glazed sliding and/or tilting panels.

The living room window/door is four panels wide, with the two center panels opening into the room. They, too, are single-glazed, divided light units. They've warped a bit over time making them leak cold air during the winter, so replacing them with new double-glazed units that fit should make a big difference in comfort. Like all the other windows we've replaced, the divided lights are going away in favor of large glass panels, and the doors will slide open (vantaux coulissants) instead of swinging into the room. They will be so much easier to clean and will look good in our more modern style of house.

The contractor will measure this morning, then send us an estimate. If we agree, he'll order the windows and schedule the installation. I'm hopeful that the job can be done in about two months time, just in time for summer.


  1. And you'll be able to get those propagators much closer!!
    No more leggy plantlings!!

  2. I love the look of the paned french doors, but a solid glass panel will be nice as well.
    Love love love the Callie cushion on the chair.....I must get one of those for Brownie.

  3. You will have comfort and beauty then. I see that your temperature is a bit on the chilly side today.

  4. Ditto what Virginia and Nadege said :)

  5. Walt,
    Wow! What beautiful French doors! Actually very stunning. So they really do have French doors in France? :)

  6. It's 'curtains" for the window?

  7. tim, right!

    virginiac, a friend of ours made that by printing on a special fabric then ironing it onto the pillow covering.

    nadege, yes, it's cooling down again. Ugh!

    judy, :)

    ron, I think all doors in France could be called French doors. LOL!

    michael, exactly!

  8. I love the wall of French doors. Hope the new ones come in at a good price.

    I don't know what I expected them to be called in France, but not "French" doors... Kind of like French Toast and French Fries...

    1. mitch, n'est-ce pas ! French doors = porte-fenêtre. French toast = pain perdu. French fries = frites. French letter = capote. Ha!


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