Sunday, March 09, 2014

It does a body good

Warm sunlight, that is. We're being spoiled by a preview of springtime weather. I spent a good hour yesterday afternoon sitting outdoors in the sun. Callie loves being able to hang out in the grass, chasing the odd tennis ball and hunting lizards along the stone wall. I can see the smile on her face when she's out there.

A neighbor's fruit tree in full flower on Saturday morning.

The bbq grill is working wonderfully. I roasted a whole chicken (split into halves) outdoors on Saturday and it turned out delicious. Today I'll grill some spicy sausages for lunch. It's not quite nice enough to eat out on the deck yet. For one thing, the table and chairs are still in their winter storage down in the garage. I won't be bringing them up until after I've power-washed the deck.

I won't be surprised when the chilly weather returns. It is still winter for a couple more weeks.


  1. Looks like we've got a few more of these days queued up. I just hope that it is only chilly weather that returns and not frigid. I got out our outdoor table and chairs yesterday. Hope I didn't jinx anything. And, oh yes, nice early morning shot of that fruit tree.

  2. I SEE COLOR!!!! happy day when you post colorful things!

    me? I still have snow piles, no flowers; but I DID see this big yellow ball in the sky yesterday, and my baseball team won its second spring training game. so perhaps there is hope, yes?

  3. The birds think spring has arrived! And the frogs. The lizards are sunbathing too. Let's get that gardening done while we can. P.

  4. As I said on FaceBook, this is one spring that will not be taken for granted. It's exciting to see the sun all day, and to see beautiful blooming trees like this one in your photo :)

  5. a sign of spring...yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The tree is gorgeous. Spring is SOOO close.


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