Monday, March 31, 2014

Home alone -- well not really

Today's the first full day on my own (with Callie and Bertie to watch out for me) while Ken's away. I was awake between three and four a.m., tossing and turning. Then I woke up close to six. Then, before I realized it, it was after seven and I was still snoozing. So I got up and started the morning routine.

Another view of the car dealership in Le Grand-Pressigny.

It's a little different for me these next two weeks. Usually Ken will rise first to make coffee, feed Bertie, and turn on the heat (it's not automatic because the timer mechanism is broken and costs way too much to repair on our twenty-year old boiler). After he eats, Bert will come inside to snooze by a radiator. This morning went smoothly. Coffee made (tastes good), cat fed (he was waiting), and the boiler fired up normally. Now I'm writing this before heading outside with Callie for her morning walk, followed by her feeding. In between, I have to sneak the cat out of the living room to keep Callie from seeing him.

I read this morning that the Socialists held on to Paris in the municipal elections. Both candidates are women, so the capital was going to have its first female mayor whatever the result. I also read that the extreme right party, the Front national, picked up several smaller cities and did generally better than they ever have. That's not so good, as the center-right party is going to have to somehow deal with this growing far-right faction.


  1. The Socialists held onto Amboise as well, re-electing the PS mayor. Just don't get me started on the far right faction in the States ! Anyway, this would be a good time for you to watch Home Alone. Even though you're not exactly alone.

  2. I'm glad Anne Hidalgo got Paris. She makes for as close as one can get these days to an honest and worthy politician. NKM is just too obviously prepared to do anything it takes to feed her personal ambition. She doesn't understand that a politician is a public servant.

    1. In the RealPolitik, Susan, very few do consider they are servants... ambition rules!!
      All they really want is to be seen on the scene, have a lot of subsidiaries to delegate the real work to...
      and attend lots of functions that keep them on the scene!!

      "A politician is an ass...
      upon which every thing has sat...
      but a man!"


  3. Susan, glad to hear you have a good-ish opinion of Anne Hidalgo. I hadn't even been following, the elections, but I am dismayed to hear from you, Walt, about le Front National gaining any more ground.

    Hugs and smooches to little Bertie and Callie, who will surely miss Ken while he is away.

  4. Hold down the fort! Glad to hear the good guys are still in charge of things over there.


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