Sunday, March 02, 2014

I need to get out more

The weather has been so wet this winter that I really haven't been out and about much. Except for trips to the market or other shopping destinations and the daily walks in the vineyard with Callie, I feel like I've been holed up in the house for months.

Sun shining on a stand of birches. The reddish color is from the new buds fattening up.

That's not a necessarily a bad thing, but it means that I don't get much in the way of variety for photographs. As spring approaches and (hopefully) the weather improves, the plants and trees will be flowering and there will be more to see. And I may even take the camera beyond walking distance of the house.


  1. "I feel like I've been holed up in the house for months"...
    Don't we all, Walt...
    don't we all??!
    But hey!
    It is sunny in France today!!

  2. Well the wetness hasn't impeded your photos. You've posted some killer shots this winter... like this one. Hope those new buds don't get frozen off. I saw that the temperature dropped below freezing in Amboise last night.

  3. I love seeing trees that bud up in the way your birches are. Spring is coming day by day.

  4. i don't mind the wetness. in less than an hour, it's the 13th (i believe) winter storm this season here on the east coast of US. :(

  5. You've done an amazing job of seeing creative shots just in your immediate vicinity, Walt. I've been enthralled by the color you've captured, especially today's photo! Can't wait for the shots coming when you wander further astray...

  6. Why reddish? I would think they would be green.

  7. tim, we'll take all the sunny days we can get!

    stuart, yes, it was frosty here.

    evelyn, yippee!

    mike, you've all had a winter this year!

    mary, we'll see how it goes...

    starman, they haven't opened up yet, so there are no leaves.


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