Monday, March 10, 2014

The primrose post

It's that time of year again. The primevères (primroses) in our yard are in full bloom. The flowers are fresh and colorful and a few pop up in new places every year. The woman who sold us the house told us that whenever she got a primrose, she planted it out in the yard. It's a nice show every spring.

White, pale yellow, magenta, purple, and violet. Loads of color!

Sunday's weather was glorious. We both enjoyed some time sitting out back in the warm sun watching Callie get delirious hunting lizards. She actually got one in her mouth for an instant, long enough for its tail to break off. The tail fell to the ground writhing back and forth causing the dog to drop the actual lizard and grab at the tail. Ingenious escape!

This is what the primroses look like in a wider angle view.

We're expecting more of the same weather today. The ground is slowly drying out to the point where we can get some yard work done. Already it's seven a.m. and the sun is coming in through the windows.


  1. I went out for a bike ride yesterday in this wonderful sunshine. Got lots of snaps that you'll probably be seeing soon. Anyway, that's a beautiful collection of flowers your have there.

  2. tres belle fleurs! still snow piles here, nary a flower in sight. and callie vs. the lizard = too funny!

  3. How lovely!
    Primroses come in so many beautiful colours, they can't fail to cheer us up!

    A similar thing happened to a hapless lizard in a restaurant courtyard while we were having lunch, a few years ago.
    A cat caught the lizard, bit the tail off, the lizard ran off and the tail was left writhing on the ground next to our table.
    It almost spoiled our lunch!

  4. and if u cut grass later on it doesnt kill the primroses?

  5. Now I understand what is meant by "the primrose path"! We had primroses outside our front door in San Francisco. It never looked like this!

  6. Love 'em- I think this may be the first photo I've seen of all the primroses.

  7. stuart, sounds like fun. I'm at the top of a hill, so bike riding takes a little more effort.

    anne marie, here's hoping for a quick thaw!

    jean, sounds like an exciting lunch!

    judy, :)

    melinda, by the time I cut the grass, most of the flowering is done and it doesn't harm the plants at all.

    mitch, ha! We might have had a few in SF in the back yard or it pots, but the memories are fuzzy...

    evelyn, often the wide shot doesn't come out the way I want it to, but this one's not bad.


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