Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just hanging around

I don't know what the story is here. Maybe a scarecrow in someone's garden, maybe a kid's prank, or perhaps a stuffed-animal suicide. Whatever the truth, this bear has seen better days. I nearly missed him, of course, thanks to that camouflage outfit he's wearing.

If he's supposed to be a scarecrow, the camouflage doesn't really make sense, does it?

Ken and I aren't just hanging around this week. On Monday we saw some friends for lunch and had a very nice day. The car needs a new battery (the old one is nearly eight years old), so Ken's going to the shop to get that done. He's also preparing for his annual trip back to the US to visit his family. I've got some spring crops (radishes, chard, herbs) that I want to plant out in the garden once the rain lets up and it's time to power-wash the deck for the season.


  1. We encountered Winnie the Poo on a rock by the Vienne near Sauvigny en Véron yesterday. Maybe there's some sort of meme going on.

  2. The "scare bear" has been there now for about four years...
    he works hard, come rain or shine....
    but for the last three he's had no crops to guard...
    the garden is deserted and is up for sale...
    after the first year, someone did a bit of weeding...
    but since then...nada!

    Pauline and I think it was a gift from some kids to their gramps...
    it was always a very neat potager with lots of things growing...
    from veg to cut flowers...
    There are three little gardens there...
    and the three gents used to be seen sitting with glasses....
    in one garden or another on folding chairs...
    and a table in front of them with a bottle of the inevitable rosé in the middle...
    now there are only two well looked after gardens...
    and those both vergers!

  3. I'm actually feeling quite sorry for that 'bear' - and doubt if I could pass by without taking him down and bringing him home.

  4. That is a bit disturbing. It certainly scares me away. Maybe if he were just sitting on the fence instead of hanging by the neck from it.

  5. poor bear! he deserves to be snuggled and cuddled! :(

  6. Love the nose on this bear and his smile!

  7. eww. That's creepy.

    Amazing that your car battery lasted 8 years! Enjoy this spring stuff :)

  8. The bear hanging by his neck is quite creepy.

    Ask Ken to please visit my family while he's there!

  9. susan, I'll keep my eyes out for Piglet!

    tim, somehow I knew you would recognize this...

    raybeard, I was quite happy to leave him where he was.

    stuart, his little paw looks like it's clutching at the rope.

    anne marie, and washed. Several times.

    evelyn, :)

    judy, spring is nice, even though our winter wasn't too tough. Just wet.

    mitch, I'm sure he'd get along well with the Dowager Duchess and have a grand time!


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