Thursday, March 06, 2014


It sure is nice to look at the forecast and see nothing but sunny days ahead. By the weekend our high temperatures should be around 15ºC (near 60ºF). Very spring-like. We're considering firing up the barbeque soon.

Sunrise on Tuesday. There were still some clouds in the sky then, but this morning it's all clear.

We think we may have found a new stove that has all the features we want. The only problem is finding a place that actually has it on display so we can look at it. Getting it won't be a problem; several dealers around us offer the brand and the model, but looking at it first anywhere other than the internet may not be possible.


  1. Is there one anywhere nearer to Paris? You two ought to treat yourselves to a little 2-day trip ... oh, wait... you'd have to go one at a time, so someone would be there with Callie at home *LOL*. Still! Ken should go for a little 65th birthday reward-- wherever it might be! :)

  2. Absolutely a trip to Paris! Surely it is a wise thing to see the oven for real! And a trip to Paris doesn't really need a reason, does it?

    Sheese, wouldn't those of us on other continents relish an excuse to travel such a short distance - basically a weekend trip - to be in Paris...
    Lucky Duck!!!

    I've admired and chuckled each time I look at that "close to spring" photo. Radiant Orchid is the Pantone 2014 color of the year - perhaps you can sell this one, too with your astute observation of those very trendy pastel colors!

    Mary in Oregon

  3. Why not tell your local dealer you want to see it before buying?


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