Sunday, May 09, 2021

Cuisses de pintade farcies

I found these delicious-looking mini roasts at the poultry vendor's stand on Saturday. They're Guinea fowl legs, boned and stuffed with seasoned ground poultry, wrapped in a strip of pork fat and topped with a slice of bacon and a bay leaf. I was looking for something to grill and these fit the bill.

Two servings of stuffed pintade (Guinea fowl) legs, ready for the grill.

Ken made a gratin dauphinois (similar to what we used to call scalloped potatoes). He added some grated cheese to the top for extra flavor. While the potatoes cooked in the oven, I grilled the artfully tied pintade parcels.

Ken's version of a rustic potato gratin, ready for the oven.

Here's what they all looked like just before serving. We started with a salad of steamed white asparagus, chilled, as an appetizer course.

Above, the cuisses de pintade farcies. Below, the gratin dauphinois.

The guy from whom I buy the asparagus had his first strawberries yesterday. They weren't his usual Charlotte variety, but garriguettes, another well known strawberry in France. The cool weather we've had has slowed the strawberries down, but he said he thinks he may have Charlottes next weekend. He told me he didn't think the garriguettes, an early variety, were as tasty as the Charlottes. Ken and I both thought they were delicious.


  1. Another gourmet meal from your household. Beautiful.

  2. I have never heard of cuisses de dinde farcies, but they look scrumptious. They must have been delicious!

  3. So pretty! They must be very labor intensive for the poultry vendor.

  4. that all looks never see those lovely prepared things around here. Our strawberries havent been too sweet yet...mostly watery I guess since weather has been cool & not enough sun...most of ours come from nearby SC

  5. My mouth is watering like Tasha's!

  6. mitch, I wish I could take credit for the little bundles.

    chm, they were good... but they were pintade. Much smaller than dinde! :)

    bettyann, I'm sure.

    melinda, we're lucky to have a very good poultry vendor in our area.

    evelyn, ha! :)

    judy, and tasty, too!


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