Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tasha Tuesday

Here's a recent photo (well, two weeks) of Tasha on one of our morning walks. She's doing what dogs do best: sniffing around on the ground.

A walk with Tasha on a chilly spring morning.

I've done nothing about making a grooming appointment for her. Or for myself, for that matter. I really need a haircut. Tasha is also due for her annual vaccinations some time this month. And I'm due for my second dose of the covid vaccine.

I feel like I'm in a holding pattern. Waiting for the weather to warm up. Waiting to plant the garden. Waiting for the deck work to start. Waiting for the landscaper to schedule us. Waiting to see the doctor. Waiting to get the dog groomed. Waiting to get a haircut. Inertia is a strong force. And it's winning.


  1. Ah, let you hair grow long, Tasha would like a visit to the spa.

  2. I think the holding pattern is a very common sensation lately. Being now mostly bald on top, one thing I don't have to wait for is to get my hair cut. I bought a new trimmer recently and the buzz cut is a breeze. Who needs a stylist... or even a barber. Wishing you warm weather, the landscaper, and a new deck. Pronto!

  3. Remember waiting to be 5? That's what my granddaughter is doing now. It will happen on June 13th, but it seems like forever to her. Waiting for my second shot seemed a bit long, then there were the two weeks more for immunity. I hope your waiting will soon be over,

  4. Enjoy the pause. You will soon be very busy. I’m enjoying the composition of your photo.

  5. travel, it starts to bother me when it gets to a certain length.

    mitch, my motto is: One thing a day. Even if that thing is lunch.

    evelyn, it will be. These things are cyclical. :)

    bettyann, things tend to happen all at once. We go from dull to chaos very quickly.

    michael, yes!

    1. I like your motto. I just had a cup of tea. And, if that counts, my work is done here.

  6. you will get there if you wait long enough


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