Saturday, May 08, 2021

Messy path

I haven't been working on cleaning up the garden path this spring. Reason being that we're expecting it to be renovated once the contractor schedules us. He's going to dig it up and re-level it with new base material, including some kind of weed fabric barrier, and then top it off with new, smaller gravel. In the meantime, I've got piles of twigs and pruned plants piled up in the path. It's a little obstacle course, but manageable.

The garden path is a mess and is becoming overgrown with weeds. It's temporary. I hope.

The maintenance/repair technician arrived just after lunch yesterday to have a look at our central heating boiler. I explained, as best I could in French, what the problem was. He seemed to understand and spent about an hour working and making adjustments. Lo and behold! The boiler seems to be working properly again. It came on normally this morning, but only briefly because it's not very cold. So now we have fuel oil and a working boiler. Of course, today's high temperature is expected to be in the low 70sF. And, tomorrow, even warmer. Maybe I'll cut some grass.


  1. I'm less patient than you. I want to see the new garden path... Now!

  2. Your backyard looks nice, including the messy path. Is that early morning light or late afternoon?

    1. BettyAnn, that's a goood question. I've been wondering myself, but knowing the place, I'd say afternoon.

    2. LOL! BettyAnn, I was completely wrong. I should get new glasses. It's morning sun!

  3. Glad to hear that they fixed up the boiler!

  4. mitch, I do, too, actually.

    bettyann, early morning, looking east.

    chm, wrong! Then right! :)

    judy, it looks like we'll have a test of it starting Monday with yet another week of chilly weather predicted.


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