Saturday, May 29, 2021


The most common wildflowers in our yard (aside from dandelions) are yellow renoncules (buttercups), blue véroniques (speedwells or veronicas), and white paquerettes (lawn daisies). They grow as part of our "lawn" and get mowed down a lot. But they thrive, especially when I can't cut the grass for a while because of rain.

Wildlowers and grasses make up most of our lawn.

Last weekend I was able to mow and cut all of these away. Since then, the weather has warmed up and the "grass" is growing again. The flowers are starting to reappear. I'll probably mow again in a day or two, but first I want to get the vegetable garden planted. I redid the soaker hose configuration so that it will water where I need it. There's a section that needs some more hose, but that is being reserved for a third crop of green beans later in the season, so it doesn't need water yet.


  1. The colors are so beautiful (and restful). It's a shame they have to be cut away.

  2. It's nice that your lawn looks like a peaceful, colorful meadow, when it gets long... ours looks like a bunch of weeds -- ha!

  3. I think I would be tempted to leave one area natural. It looks so nice.

  4. whenever I see buttercups I think of the Noel Coward line about seeing Life as something knee-deep in buttercups and daisies.

  5. mitch, but they grow back!

    judy, one man's weeds...

    bettyann, just outside our gate is natural enough. :)

    michael, he must have visited our back yard...


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