Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tuesday (with Tasha)

I can't really call this "Tasha Tuesday" because she's hardly visible in the photo. But she's in there. This is the spot where we turn around on our morning walks to head back home. More or less the half-way point of our walk. The dirt road we walk on through the vineyards ends where it meets two paved roads. Cars move quickly on the paved roads, so we don't walk on them.

Tasha rarely comes out to the intersection with me. She waits further back.

I used to walk with Callie along these paved roads. She was afraid enough of cars that, if one approached, she'd sit down in the grass until it passed. Tasha wants to run around moving vehicles to get behind them, and when she does it looks as though she's charging the oncoming car. It's usually ok on the dirt road where vehicles don't move as quickly; I have time to get her attention and move her away from the car into a vine row. But that doesn't work on the paved roads. So we stay off them, unless I've got her on a leash.


  1. It's hard to imagine speeding cars in that beautiful scene. Tasha is so different from Callie.

  2. I like the composition of this excellent photo. Nature is so beautiful.. Tasha is sniffing something in the grass.

  3. It seems like Tasha might want to 'round up' the pesky cars.

  4. Tasha is so full of happiness and energy :)

  5. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood . . .

    Lovely picture.

  6. mitch, they zip by!

    chm, that's her favorite activity. Aside from lunch.

    andrew, could be!

    judy, she likes to play keep-away with pruned vine canes.

    emm, so poetic! LOL

  7. Once again a fantastic photo - it seems to want a poem attached to it.


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