Monday, May 10, 2021

Green-ish thumb

Three pots. Two bare. One thriving. I'm still waiting for the basilic (basil) and turnip green seeds to sprout. But the weeds are doing well. I might as well take the credit.

Basil on the left, turnip greens on the right. Weeds out in front.

The tomatoes, zukes, and Swiss chard are also doing quite well. The tomatoes are almost ready to be hardened off and planted out. That will have to wait, though, until the frost danger is over and Ken gets a chance to do the final tilling of the garden plot.

In French folklore, the next three days are known as les saints de glace (the ice saints), the last of the coldest days when frost can still occur. Certainly, frost can happen later and warm weather can happen earlier, but tradition holds that you shouldn't plant frost-sensitive plants outside until after les saints de glace. I'll follow along.


  1. Les Weeds are thriving. Good job! But do I spy a sprout in the turnip greens pot?

  2. My grandfather's folklore was you were free of frost when the leaves on the oak trees were as big as a squirrel's ear. Worked all but one year for him, he had nearly five acres of tomatoes in the ground that spring.

    1. Wow- five acres of tomatoes! My dad put out 125 plants when he was in his late eighties. Gardening is a lifelong hobby for many.

    2. Your Dad was very impressive and not only in growing tomatoes, I’m sure!

  3. What is the size of your garden this year compared to last year’s?

  4. You're always good for a smile if not a life each day, Walt! Cute! Qui sait tu peut pousser les weeds très bon?

  5. the 'weeds' sign made me laugh.
    I don't have to cultivate weeds the cheeky plants need no encouragement.

  6. I, too, see a teeny-tiny green speck in the turnip pot.
    Nice cookbook collection. "Putting Food By" is a great classic.

  7. mitch, indeed you do!

    travel, who measured the squirrel's ear?

    bettyann, well, it's not in yet, but we're having many fewer tomatoes this year. Fifteen plants is all.

    mary, weeds are my specialty.

    michael, that's for sure.

    emm, there are many more turnip sprouts up now, and the basil has sprouted, too!


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