Monday, May 17, 2021

Moon over sunrise

I took this photo a few Saturdays ago. As the sun rose behind me, the close-to-half moon was starting to set out toward the west. I had the 24mm wide angle lens on the camera for a much broader view of these vineyard parcels than I usually get with the 50mm lens.

The moon is just visible in the upper left of the photo.

Our landscape contractor emailed me the other day to say that he's got us scheduled for late June/early July. He and his crew are going to renovate the garden path, remove a row of dead hazelnut trees, take down three dead birches, and rip out an overgrown juniper shrub. It's a lot of work but it should be a real improvement and I'm looking forward to it. Still no word from the deck contractor about a specific date for his job. I'm willing to bet that it will happen at the same time as the yard work. Chaos!


  1. I love the photo. Wouldn't love the wait for contractors, but at least you've now got a date for the one.

  2. That is a lovely photo, Walt.... really nice!

  3. You live in such a lovely area but I do hope it stops raining so you can get your plants in the ground.

  4. Yes, chaos! But, a lovely photo :)

  5. Early this morning I caught a glimpse of a very golden crescent moon. The size of the moon must be on a fast clip for you to have seen not too recently a half-moon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your weather will change and you can get that garden started and those seedlings can breathe fresh garden air! I thoroughly enjoyed an interview last night with Rafal Nadal in Mallorca on 60 minutes. Did you by chance catch it? He is one of my favorites!

  6. mitch, France teaches you nothing if not patience.

    tim, thanks!

    bettyann, me too!

    judy, :)

    mary, the moon's been shining in through the north window in the wee hours as it sets. It's been clear enough the past two nights that I've seen it shining on the wall.


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