Saturday, May 15, 2021

Window boxes

Here are the surfinias (cascading petunias) that I planted in the kitchen window boxes on Thursday. As they grow, the plants will spill out of the boxes with an appealing cascade of color. If I'm lucky.

A nice splash of color under the kitchen window.

I got nine email notifications that Blogger deleted nine of my posts from this past March for violations of their Malware and Virus policy. This completely stumps me. I thought the messages were spam, but it looks like they are legit; those posts are indeed gone. I just can't imagine what was in those posts that could be considered a malware or virus danger. The posts are consecutive (which is suspect) and are, for all intents and purposes, the same as every other post on this blog. I reviewed the comments that I published for those posts (they're still accessible) and I see nothing nefarious.

Ken wondered if it might have something to do with the third-party widgets (clock and weather) on my sidebar. Those widgets exist in the overall blog template, not in individual posts, so I don't see how they could be the issue. Still, I've disabled them for the time being, just in case.

I've asked about this on the Blogger community forum and am waiting for replies. Ken has not seen this happen on his blog. I wonder if any of my readers who use blogger might have experienced a similar problem?


  1. As usual, they tell you there is a problem, but they don't tell you what it is. Pourquoi faire simple, quand on peut faire compliqué!
    Hope things will clear up satisfactorily.

  2. I was blocked as malware from viewing several blogs yesterday evening,

  3. Oh heavens. I'm off to check my email for my blog. If I have any deleted blog posts, I'll be sick about it (it takes me hours and hours to do my posts, because of the research and all that). I, too, don't understand what could make a blog post have malware??

  4. Oh, and p.s., Happy Birthday, Bert! Steak au poivre ce soir? ahhh, non, tu préfères Duck à l'orange ;)

    1. LOL! Bert is the healthiest 15 year old cat that I've ever known!

  5. I'm back.... one of mine was deleted, too. Email came 13hours agao, saying it had been flagged for the malware/virus issues. Then, an hour ago, a new email came, saying that the blog post had been re-instated, and providing a link to the post... but that still takes me to a blank page, and the post is still missing.

  6. Happy Birthday to Bert. I once had a black cat who lived to be 26. Maybe black cats are stronger and healthier. I hope that's the case for Bert.

  7. We experienced being blocked from viewing some blogs yesterday too.

  8. I tried to forward a link to Parisbreakfast to a friend and it was said to have bad stuff in it- not true!

  9. Back again. I found that the blog post was moved to my drafts, and I was able to re-publish it! Whew.

  10. Bert is the best !
    I am on Wordpress; I am of no use.

  11. A friend who blogs on an academic subject had something deleted by Google the other day, and a warning issued. I'm hearing a lot of these post-deleted comments and am wondering how much of it is originating from Cyrillic? But then, I am of a suspicious mind.

  12. chm, I think somebody made a mistake somewhere, or there's some malware loose inside blogger. As long as they're not admitting anything, we can speculate endlessly!

    travel, judy, sillygirl, evelyn, emm, good to know I'm not alone! Thanks for the info. :)

    judy, he brought two ducks (mallard hatchlings) in two days ago. Poor things. I was fresh out of oranges.

    diane, we shall see!

    michael, except when he brings live catches into the house. Maybe I should look at it this way: he's the best at bringing live catches into the house. LOL.


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