Thursday, May 06, 2021

Snowball bush

This spring bloomer is in our neighbors' yard, right across the road from our house. We can see it from the kitchen and living room. It used to be covered in foliage and flowers all the way down to the ground. This year, the neighbors pruned the tree into this parasol shape. I think it looks good this way.

The neighbors' snowball bush seen from our deck.

It's raining this morning. We waited all day on Wednesday for a promised delivery of heating fuel that never came. I'm hopeful that it will come today. The mornings are still on the chilly side. Soon we won't need heat at all (crossing fingers) as the summer season builds in. Thankfully, we don't rely on our boiler for hot water as at least one of our neighbors does. Our water heater is electric.


  1. I'm surprised at how much I like that pruning job of the snowball bush. So glad your water heater is electric!

  2. My first thought on seeing the snowball bush was, Who butchered that poor shrub?! Different strokes... ;)

  3. I love the snowball bush -- I see from Ken's comments that the oil did come today, at least (despite the payment issues being a problem).


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