Thursday, May 27, 2021

The west forty

This is the largest section of our back yard, home to the vegetable garden and the garden shed. On the left is one of the two remaining apple trees. The vegetable garden plot is visible in the middle. And, look! There's Tasha on the right!

Looking westerly. The posts on the right edge of the garden plot support a trellis for climbing beans and flowers.
The green clumps in front are the oregano patch. It's time to start harvesting and drying the oregano.

The vegetable garden plot is now ready for seedlings. I added some amendments to the soil on Monday. Yesterday I put up the tomato supports (not in the photo). The last step before planting is to lay down the new soaker hose and make sure it works. I have a plan for that and I'm anxious to see how it works out.

Then the tomato, zucchini, chard, and kale seedlings can go into the ground. I will also plant a first row of green beans. When they sprout and begin to grow, I'll add a second row, then maybe a third as the summer progresses.


  1. It looks great, and this is a view we are rarely (if ever?) treated to.
    Can't wait to see how the soaker hose works out for you.

  2. Love seeing this view!

  3. Beautiful! You are wise to use soaker hose. After too much rain here, we are having to water most days.

  4. mitch, she likes to garden.

    judy, thanks!

    L&L, :)

    evelyn, I don't think I was watering enough (by hand) when it was so hot and dry last year.


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