Sunday, May 02, 2021


I took this photo before the cool-down and rain of the past few days. The flowers are now way past their prime. This is what they looked like a week or so ago. It's been so chilly that I've built brief fires in the wood stove the last two days. Brrr. I hope things warm up soon.

Our every-other-year lilac is having its "on" year this year.

We're making progress on emptying the old chest freezer. We're down to a single layer of UFOs in the bottom. I dare say we're within a week of emptying the darned thing and unplugging it. Then it can defrost, and we'll clean it up before moving it into the garage. We plan to use it as a storage bin until we can put it out for collection. Our refuse company normally picks up bulky items, but they suspended that service during the pandemic. We have a bunch of stuff waiting in the garage.


  1. Lilacs are my favorite spring flower, thank you! Wouldn’t mind seeing more.

  2. SO beautiful!
    Keep up the good work on the freezer!

  3. So glad you got to see that spectacular lilac do its thing before another big freeze. I met friends for a drink today and they were shocked I wasn't wearing shorts.

  4. Oh, lilacs. Sigh. So lovely, such a nice scent. More pix, please.

  5. bettyann, emm, I don't have any more photos of the lilac this year. :(

    judy, we're trying to keep our eyes on the prize!

    mitch, I can't wait for shorts and t-shirt weather.


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