Monday, May 03, 2021

Frosty Sunday morning

Frost formed in all the usual places on Sunday morning. As the sun rose, the frost started to melt and Tasha's feet got wet when she ventured into the grassy places. Then, as she walked along in the road, her wet fur picked up sand and dirt. I rinsed her off when we got home, but I can never get it all off, so we get little piles of sand on the floor where she sits.

Frost outside our back gate as the sun rises on Sunday morning.

The sunrise was pretty, though. The sky was clear and there was some ground fog, especially down in the river valley. This morning seems to be a repeat with our temperature around 5ºC. The wind is still and the birds are singing.

Today our latest confinement ends. We're now allowed to travel beyond ten kilometers from home, although there's still a curfew in place. Restaurants and bars are looking forward to a mid-month opening.


  1. Oh that view! But I can't believe you're still experiencing frost. So pleased to know the confinement has ended. Hoping things are getting better. We've still got our curfew, but restaurants and bars have been open for a while, with restrictions. It's interesting how differently neighbouring countries are handling this.

    1. I think it's interesting, too. Around here, neighboring states are handling things differently, and even neighboring towns and counties... there is so much disagreement and resentment and making a fuss about not wanting to wear a mask. Or acting like the vaccine is a plot. It's hard to fathom.

  2. Glad the confinement is over. Fingers crossed that the vaccine starts to bring your numbers down. I haven't yet been in any store that doesn't still require a mask.

  3. “little piles of sand where she sits”. Such a sweet mental picture but then I’m not the one cleaning it up. ;)

  4. mitch, our frost danger supposedly ends around the 15th of the month. I hope it does.

    judy, they're more likely to die in an car accident than from a vaccine, but they don't think twice about getting into the car.

    evelyn, all our stores still require them. That's a good thing, at least until we reach maximum vaccination.

    bettyann, I'm always walking around with the broom and dustpan!

  5. how exciting (scary too?) it must feel to be allowed some travel.
    Good luck and be safe.


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