Saturday, May 01, 2021

Seedlings, again

Last weekend I posted a photo of the tomato seedlings in the green house. Here they are again this weekend, about twice the size. They look happy and healthy. And the zucchini that I thought had been eaten by something? Well, it's there. Turns out it was trying to grow upside down. I freed the leaves from the soil and righted the plant. It survived. It even looks pretty good. I'm waiting for the third one to sprout, but I'll only plant two out in the garden. You CAN have too much zucchini.

I love it when the things I plant actually grow.

The chard seeds that I planted last week are starting to sprout, too. Yesterday, Ken planted some turnip greens seeds that we found in our seed basket. They're kind of old, so we'll see if any come up. Turnip greens are tasty and, since we both like greens, they will be a welcome addition to this year's garden. And that reminds me that I have to plant some basil seeds now.


  1. A topsy-turvy zucchini for a topsy-turvy world just now!

  2. You'd think the zucchini could figure that out on its own. What a happy making photo.

  3. Everything looks very healthy.

  4. jean, yup!

    judy, :)

    mitch, maybe I put the seed in wrong?

    bettyann, it does, indeed! I hope it stays that way.


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