Sunday, May 30, 2021

The oregano patch

For lack of new photos, here's a close-up of the oregano patch. It formed years ago when some oregano I had planted in the vegetable garden escaped and naturalized itself as part of the "lawn." I let these patches grow without mowing them so I can harvest and dry it for kitchen use. There's a lot more out there that does get mowed down. I guess it likes growing there.

Patches of oregano ready for harvest.

Interestingly, the oregano doesn't taste like much when it's fresh. Only after drying does it get its intense flavor. A few years ago, we got ourselves a dehydrating machine and started drying vegetables and herbs. Tomato wedges dehydrate well for use as "sun-dried" tomatoes. And the oregano works great. It's time now to start harvesting and drying it so that we'll be able to enjoy it throughout the coming year.


  1. That's quite a patch of oregano. I'm happy that the French Open is happening on time this year.

  2. I didn’t know that about oregano. Thanks for my ‘one new thing’ today.

  3. Oh, I remember when you got that dehydrator -- good to know that your oregano is plentiful, and that the dehydrator does the trick.

  4. I joke about triffids taking over but oregano surpasses such by a country mile.

  5. That is quite a large patch of oregano! Lots ofseasoned tomato sauce will be in your future, I predict! If that was my patch, I would be bottling it up for gifts at Christmas!

  6. Oregano must be like mints, which will take over the known world if given the opportunity. I planted lemon balm quite some time back, and now I can't get rid of it.
    Nice idea, a dehydrator, something to look into. Is yours a plug-in style?

  7. evelyn, me too. It was actually delayed one week. I'm not sure why.

    bettyann, I don't know if it's true for all varieties of oregano, but it is for what we have.

    judy, it's time (thyme?) to get started!

    michael, ha!

    mary, I've still got some left from last year in the pantry!

    emm, yes, the dehydrator is electric with about six levels for drying.


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