Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Our wisteria was really nice this year. The flowers were abundant, but now they're winding down. The past few rain events took their toll on the petals, and now the leaves are growing as the flowers diminish. This is one of the few photos I took during the wisteria's peak.

Wisteria. Glycine in French.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is l'Ascension (Ascension Day), a national holiday in France. Many people will faire le pont (make the bridge) by taking Friday off for a four-day weekend. The weather is not expected to be great, at least not in our area. There's a Thursday market a few towns away that I'd like to go to for some flowers to plant in our kitchen window boxes. Whether or not I go will depend on how much, if any, rain is expected. I was going to go last week, but the rain stopped me.

Yesterday I had another of those "senior moments" that are becoming all to frequent. I had a supermarket coupon for some organic sandwich bread that looked worth a try. I carefully selected the brand, type, and amount of bread specified on the coupon but, by the time I got to the checkout, I completely forgot the coupon in my pocket. Oh well. It doesn't expire until July, so maybe I'll try again in a few weeks.


  1. La glycine est superbe.hgy

  2. Beautiful wisteria, thanks for showing that!
    Ha, haaaaaa, about the coupon.... I know the feeling ;)

  3. Beautiful wisteria! We have one sprout growing now, it will be a few years before it makes it up the fence. Don't get me started on "senior moments"!

  4. Do you actually have to pay taxes in France or is it just a matter of doing the necessary paperwork?

  5. The coupon: I think most people have trouble remembering to use the dang thing, and that's why stores use them instead of putting the bread on sale.

  6. That wisteria is stupendous. I can smell it from here. As for the coupon, I don't call those senior moments (because I've been doing them for as long as I [can't] remember. I call them brain farts. And I usually end up throwing out the coupons.

  7. Curious to hear Ascension Day is a national holiday - does this suppose France is so Catholic to do this?

  8. I am forever forgetting I have a grocery coupon for this or that. And chrissoup is right, the stores get more $$ results by issuing coupons that go unused than by giving you a sale price.
    Gorgeous wisteria.

  9. chm, I wish it still looked like this!

    judy, it seems I'm in good company!

    evelyn, haha!

    bettyann, a little of both. We're not "double taxed" as far as our retirement income is concerned, but we do have to report it in both countries. And we pay French property taxes, of course.

    chris, wascally wabbits.

    mitch, I'm not sure coupons are really worth the effort. I mostly use them for things that I would buy anyway. Often the coupons for items that are pricey to begin with.

    michael, there's a deep Catholic tradition, but most people don't seem to be all that religious in daily life.

    emm, and they make using them very complicated. Gotta read all the fine print. "Coupon valid only if you're wearing plaid on the second Tuesday of the month. And your socks don't match."


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