Sunday, May 23, 2021

Radis multicolores

Yesterday's market run was successful. I found everything I went for. As usual this time of year, I got une botte d'asperges (a bundle of asparagus that weighs one kilo), deux barquettes de fraises (two containers of strawberries), and une botte de radis multicolores (a bunch of multi-colored radishes).

Brightly colored locally-grown radishes. These are larger than the more common red radishes. We haven't tasted them yet.

I also got twelve nems (Vietnamese fried spring rolls), four each of pork, chicken, and shrimp. They're small and we ate them all with our lunch of Ken's home-made fried rice on Saturday. Delicious. I'll definitely get them again. I also walked down to the butcher shop in town and got a nice slice of faux filet (sirloin) for the grill today.

Because it's a holiday weekend and France just came out of a modified lockdown, the market was bustling with more people than it has been lately. I saw lots of families with children and many other people who were obviously tourists. The lines at most vendors were long, but that was ok. Almost everybody was masked (including myself), even though the market is outdoors. That was reassuring.


  1. On en voit de toutes les couleurs!

  2. Those radishes are beautiful and they look good enough to eat.

  3. So glad that France is emerging from the lockdown.

  4. Ahhh, getting to go to the market and seeing lots of people there, must have helped bring back a feeling of normalcy... un peu, au moins?

  5. My daughter, her boyfriend and I met at a city park for a picnic to celebrate her birthday. None of us felt comfortable to meet inside at a restaurant, yet. There were lots of dog walkers out and the weather was nice - high 60's, the sun was out and we all were fully vaccinated and maskless! It felt wonderful! I haven't been to our Saturday market but it is now open and next Saturday I will venture there, too! NORMALCY!!! I can take it! Glad you found those very colorful radishes, Walt! I picked up some California strawberries yesterday, as well. Not much flavor this morning in my cereal, maybe the next package. I hope your produce is all tasty. Were there obvious differences in the radishes - some were milder, some hotter?

  6. chm, jolie, non ?

    mitch, and they are!

    bettyann, us, too. Although it means more traffic. Some people are so hard to please...

    judy, oui !

    mary, I didn't notice any difference in flavor based on color. They're all mild, not hot or sharp like American red radishes.


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