Friday, May 21, 2021

Our first artichoke of the year

It's one of two or three little artichokes on our biggest plant. Not enough to do anything with except watch it/them go to flower.

It's a small artichoke, about two or three inches high.

Ken got the final tilling done in the garden plot on Thursday and it looks great. Once the rain and chilly weather calms down, I'll be able to plant our seedlings out and sow bean seeds. But first I need to set up the tomato tripods and lay out the new soaker hose for watering. I was also productive yesterday: I took a large load of cardboard to the dump. It's nice to get all that clutter (Amazon boxes mostly) gone. I'm planning a second trip today to take our collection of old paint and paint cans. More clutter heading out.

And I got the west forty cut. If the predicted rain holds off, I'll get another section of the yard mowed today.


  1. Artichokes ares so fun to see grow. Just saw Ken’s excellent work. Just reading about your de cluttering makes my heart sing. That’s my therapy.

  2. Ahhh, great sense of satisfaction of a job taken care of, eh!? Great!

  3. There must have been something in the air yesterday that made people so productive. Good on you both. I was outside at 8am (very early for me!) weeding the flower beds in the backyard.

  4. Do homegrown ones taste better than store-bought?


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