Monday, May 31, 2021

The potager is in

The vegetable garden is mostly planted now. I put in sixteen tomato seedlings on Sunday morning. There are nine kale and about eight Swiss chard plants, two zucchini, and a long row of beans, half green and half yellow. I still have two seedlings each of eggplant and jalapeño peppers, gifts from a friend. They'll go in soon. And there are climbing beans and peas planted along two sections of the trellis fence. I have room for two more long rows of beans. One of them will require an extra length of soaker hose.

Wish us luck!

So, the 2021 potager (vegetable garden) is in! Today will be the first day to test how the soaker hose works. Until now, I've watered the garden by hand, filling and lugging watering cans to each plant. Not very efficient. If I spend less time on watering, I will have more time for weeding. That sounds like fun.


  1. Do you place the soaker hose first and then plant the seedlings where the holes are or the reverse?

  2. Holy cow! You watered that huge garden, those many many plants, with a watering can!?

  3. I don't envy you all that work, but I am envious of your fresh vegetables. You and Ken get so much out of them, and are clever in using them and preserving them in many forms. Good husbandry, one might call it!

  4. Wow! There's my answer, you used to water by hand. Great move with the soaker hose. But you don't expect anyone to take you seriously about having more time to ... WEED, do you?

  5. You, two, are an inspiration to us all, I'm sure. Not only in growing the vegetables, but the preparations of them in so many interesting menu items. GROW ON!

    Great looking placements and I am interested in your answer to chm's question, too.

  6. chm, a little bit of both. I laid out the hose first, then had to make some adjustments after I planted. It's not a drip system with evenly spaced holes but what they call a "soaker." The hose is porous all over.

    bettyann, yup!

    judy, yes. In the early years I used a lawn sprinkler but that wasn't very efficient and got the leaves too wet.

    kiwi, it keeps us off the streets! LOL

    mitch, and I thought I was going to get away with that...

    mary, there you have it!

  7. Walt, thanks for the answer. I didn't know what soaker meant. So it really doesn't matter where exactly you plant the seedlings they'll get wet in any case.


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