Saturday, May 22, 2021


The pivoine (peony) is flowering now. There are more open flowers today than since I took this picture on Monday. The red color is really intense and I have a hard time making the photo look like what I actually see, but it's close.

Peonies in the back yard.

Today is market day in Saint-Aignan. I'm going for asparagus, strawberries, radishes, and some nems (what the French call Vietnamese fried spring rolls). There's an Asian vendor at the market selling nems, fried rice, and other Asian food. I think he has a restaurant in town, but like other restaurants, it hasn't been open since covid. We can get pretty good commercial nems in the supermarket, but I'd like to try this guy's for a change (and it helps to support local vendors).

I finished cutting the grass on Friday, both the south and north forties. I had a burst of energy, and I wanted to get it done ahead of any rain we might have this weekend. Earlier in the morning I made another run to the dump and got rid of a bunch of things that were cluttering up the garage. There's still a long way to go, but getting started feels good.

Tomorrow is Pentecost, which means that Monday is a holiday making this a three-day weekend in France. I wonder if the market will be more crowded than usual this morning.


  1. I love peonies and yours is a truly fabulous colour!

  2. An Asian restaurant here probably would not survive is fried spring rolls weren't on the menu.

  3. Your peonies look to be so abundant. I have the same vibrance problem with the hibiscus on the terrace and many around town. I hope the market is a pleasure today.

  4. Tony Hull, another blogger in Lot-et-Garonne in Southern France is talking about relentless rain, so you're not alone.

  5. What wonderful color. I have a cobalt blue vase, shaped like a ball, about twice the size of a soccer ball, with a round opening on the top, that those would look amazing tumbling out of the top of.

  6. Intense color indeed - amaratine ?

  7. jean, I transplanted these from another spot in the garden many years ago.

    andrew, they're a staple!

    mitch, red's a hard color to get right.

    chm, ugh!

    travel, I'd like to see that!

    judy, yum!

    bettyann, :)

    michael, not familiar with that color...


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