Monday, January 16, 2023

A side chapel

While inside the collégiale of Saint-Sylvain de Levroux, I wandered into a side chapel. This is the view from inside the chapel back into the nave. I liked the way light from the chapel windows was cast onto the chapel door, not to mention the colorful stained glass in the nave itself.

Let there be light. St.-Sylvain de Levroux, October 2004.

We're having a wind storm and some serious rain. I slept through the worst of it early this morning. Ken said it kept him awake for a couple of hours. Usually it's the other way around, me being the one who can't sleep through storms. The storm is moving through as I type this (07h00) and the rain is tapering off now. The weather people are now saying there may be snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, the temperatures predicted are not quite below zero until late Tuesday night. If there is snow, it probably won't accumulate.


  1. A magical photo. I love a good storm. I sleep well.

  2. You caught the light just right in this photo.

  3. Weather is so up and down. I hope that all of your wind-and-rain related problems in the house (like the blowing out of the pilot light on the furnace and the leaking in the kitchen ceiling?) are under control, now!

  4. mitch, I have more and more trouble sleeping as I get older, so I'm grateful for any full-night I get.

    evelyn, lucky!

    judy, so far, so good! Knock on wood...


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