Thursday, January 26, 2023


You can tell this is not a recent photo. The sky is clear and blue. It's not here. Not today. It's drizzling out there right now and the temperature is not much above zero. It's winter in the Touraine.

Le collégiale St.-Sylvain de Levroux. October 2004.

I was industrious yesterday getting a wheelbarrow-full of fallen sticks and branches picked up and stashed where it's dryer. I'm hopeful that by the time I need them they'll be dry enough to burn.


  1. I love the colors, textures, angles of this photo. Beautiful!

  2. I remain mad-jealous of your wood-burning fires.

  3. mitch, it's a mix, alright!

    michael, You might be less jealous if you knew what a mess it all makes. ;)


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