Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Tasha Tuesday & Funky Feline Fotos

One of the interesting things about using the new mobile phone as a camera is that the animules haven't figured it out yet. If I wanted to take this shot with the DSLR, by the time I walked into the den and got the camera, put a card in it, and possibly changed the lens, Tasha and Bert would know I was up to something and follow me around. And Tasha would bark; she's learned that getting the camera means we might be going outside. Photo op missed. Now, with the phone sitting on the dining room table, I can quietly pick it up and take a picture without them hearing anything.

Tasha and Bert watch the birds on the feeders. Taken with the Pixel 6.

We had a mostly rainy day on Monday, with the sun making an appearance in the afternoon. You can see that the deck is wet in the photo. Overnight was clear with the waxing moon making things bright. Friday is the Epiphany and you know what that means: une galette des rois!


  1. "Friday is the Epiphany and you know what that means:".....
    Yes, an SFR engineer arrives to connect us to "La Fibre"
    And all hell will break loose.... Lord alone knows if we'll be able to contact anyone for weeks.....
    Epiphany indeed!
    That's a lovely photo of the pair of them.....

  2. I love galette des rois/roscon de reyes (for the novelty). I just wish I could buy one made for one person. The photo is charming. I hope they take a while to catch on.

  3. Fab photo! Both just waiting for something to 'happen' which holds their attention - which itself holds their attention! :-)

  4. Not that I am going to stop carrying my DSLR, but great photos. J's new phone is a pixel 6 or 7.

  5. Love this picture. To get a picture of my pup while he’s sleeping, I have to turn down the ringer on my phone. He has very good hearing.

  6. tim, good luck! Our neighborhood just got wired, but don't know what will happen next. Did SFR contact you for connection or did you contact them?

    mitch, I make one for two.

    raybeard, true!

    travel, I'm afraid to take the new phone on walks with Tasha. I might drop it! At least the DSLR has a shoulder strap!

    bettyann, ha!

    mary, yes, thankfully!

  7. Walt, we had to contact them..... we were with Orange.... but they seem to think that this area is not connected to cable.... but, I watched the gains being installed, watched as they fed the optical fibre "wires" through.... watched them connect up the box on the pole opposite our gate.... I have physically touched the cable that goes up the pole to measure it because I am pre-drilling a hole for the engineer..... believe me Orange... it exists!! It IS present!!
    They actually recommended we ring SFR.... Pauline did... and their monthly payment is half what we pay Orange now for a 12 yr old system!! And we get the TV decoder thrown in..... [not that we are likely to use it]
    I'm friends with Ken on FaceEater so I'll message him with the details of what happen'd & happens.....


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