Friday, January 13, 2023

Stained glass and arches

A friend of ours recently posted a photo of the château at Levroux, a medieval town not far from where we live. Her post reminded me of the time that Ken and I visited there with some American friends back in 2004 (pre blog!) and wandered around for a while. One of the highlights was the church and we all took lots of photos inside.

Stained glass inside the medieval collégiale Saint-Sylvain de Levroux.

The church of Saint-Sylvain, technically called a collégiale, was built in the thirteenth century. The stained glass windows are quite impressive, but I don't know if they're original. There's an impressive pipe organ that is, according to Wikipedia, among the oldest in France, having been built in the sixteenth century.


  1. Those windows aren't original (you peaked my curiosity) but they sure are beautiful. The stone work amazes me. They don't build 'em like they used to.

  2. mitch, cool. I didn't look very hard, but where I looked, there was no info on the windows.

  3. You always send me off to learn more. And you “piqued” my curiosity, too.

  4. I'm no expert but I concur they look like they were made last year. Pretty though.


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