Monday, January 09, 2023

Cherry be gone

Here's a view I rarely post: the back side of the garden shed. I just wanted to document the absence of the cherry tree. The stump is visible in the lower right. It was a scraggly looking tree. Half of it was dead. The fruit was mostly inedible. So now it's firewood.

There's work to be done! The north side of the garden shed. Taken with the Pixel 6.

I've got to do some clean-up back there this spring. Brambles are beginning to take hold, so they need pulling out, and I'd like to get that ivy off the wall (the ivy is dead, having been cut at ground level). I could power-wash the algae off, too. The building could use a paint job, but that's ambitious.

I built those two areas for composting by stacking cement blocks that we found on the property when we moved in almost twenty years ago. They could use some tidying up. And it's time for that rain barrel to go. It was never practical except as a breeding ground for mosquitos.


  1. Doesn't it feel like everywhere you turn there's work to be done?

  2. Don’t over do it.

  3. I have faith that you'll get it all done this spring, and you'll be showing us before and after pictures one day :)

  4. mitch, yup.

    bettyann, not to worry. I'm just in the "thinking about it" stage for now.

    judy, it's possible... lol!

  5. The shed would look nice with some plantings of hollyhocks, phlox, and a climbing rose!


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