Monday, January 30, 2023


The castle at Châteauvieux was transformed into a convalescent home in the 1920s. In 1998, the facility became une maison de retraite médicalisée, what I think we would call an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Detail on the château de Châteauvieux. April 2004.

The town of Châteauvieux is about six kilometers from Saint-Aignan; a short drive. Ken went to a winery over there a few weeks ago and brought back red, white, and rosé wines. They were young, 2022 vintage, and pretty good.


  1. lt looks like it could be a nice place to live. I can just hear Hyacinth Bucket saying “I live at the castle at Châteauvieux.”

  2. A lovely place for someone to spend their old age.

  3. mitch, with room for a pony...

    jean, I wonder...

    judy, :)

    evelyn, :)


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