Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The ceiling

This is the ceiling above the nave in the collégiale of St.-Sylvain in Levroux. It's a good example of the emerging gothic style of the time (ribbed vaults, pointed arches). The church was built in the thirteenth century.

Looking up. Collégial St.-Sylvain, Levroux. October 2004.

We had a little (very little) snow yesterday and overnight. There's no accumulation. The ground is too warm and wet. But there's a little ice here and there. Our outdoor thermometer says we're just at freezing. We should warm up by a couple of degrees as the day dawns.


  1. Enjoy the tennis and your warm fire. Great photo!

  2. A 13th-century ceiling. An example of genius.

  3. Great shot, the camera I am using has a tilting screen making it easier to do ceiling shots without wobbling and falling over.

  4. bettyann, thanks!

    mitch, one among many.

    judy, :)

    travel, I had one of those with my T3i, but the 6D doesn't have one. I do miss it.

    evelyn, thanks!


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