Saturday, January 21, 2023

The black and white

I've given this shot of the interior of St.-Sylvain de Levroux the black and white treatment. The original is mostly monochromatic with light and dark contrasts. I think it looks better this way.

Saint-Sylvain de Levroux. October 2004.

All my errands went well yesterday. A bunch of recycling is gone, a few cases of wine were bought, a dose of flea and tick preventative for Bert was obtained, and a cartload of groceries was procured. We had a few leftover crêpes that Ken made on Thursday and a leftover orange in the fridge. So I made crêpes Suzette for dessert. Tasty!


  1. Where Cathy adores a minuet,the Ballet Russes, and crêpes Suzette... I like the B&W. And now I'll go finish the song to get it out of my head.

  2. Yesterday you wrote about "La Fibre".... "Will our internet speed be noticeably faster? Stay tuned"
    "Noticeably faster" is an understatement of the 20th Order.... we were connected last Saturday.... fast?
    Not 'alf!!
    Firstly, using the Cloud now makes sense.... secondly we have had to buy a new TV.
    Our Sony of 25 years isn't Smart and communicates using Scart/Peritel.... that meant finding a TV that was HDMI and could communicate with our combined VHS/CD video player/recorder.... fortunately that is kitted with Red/White/Yellow AV output and we found an 80cm TV that had all sorts of inputs [except Scart] including RWY AV!
    The new TV is 73cm wide and borderless, the old Sony is 63cm wide with a 9cm border around the screen....
    I think we are going to be watching TV a bit more. Thirdly.... speed is really quite amazing... we had Cable in the UK which was Fibre to a box at the end of the street then internet RJ45 copper to the house and was fast.... I've missed that since moving to rural France ADSL.... missed it a lot.... but now, with "La Fibre" actually coming into the house to a box on the wall.... from what I can remember, we must now be at a fourfold or more improvement on Cable.... files travel like greased lightning and things like U-Bend allow video watching without spinning arrows.

  3. Sorry, the above H'annonnyMouse was me.... I forgot to add...
    I like the B&W picture, it seems to show more detail!

  4. Crepes Suzettes sound good and pizza today!

  5. Oooh, Yumm!

  6. mitch, I had to look that one up. I remember the show (barely), but not the song.

    tim, we will see how it goes on the 31st!

    evelyn, they were pretty good, if I do say so myself. :)

    judy, yes!

  7. great photo! another beauty !


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