Sunday, January 22, 2023


When I made crêpes Suzette the other day, I was careful to take a photo of the ingredients for the sauce. Then I got so excited about eating the finished crêpes that I forgot to take a photo of them. Oh well. They were tasty.

Ingredients for the sauce: butter, confectioner's sugar, grated orange zest, juice from said orange, and Triple Sec.

I didn't really follow a recipe, but I looked at a couple before mixing up the sauce by eye. All the ingredients are there, I just didn't measure anything. In case you're wondering, I did do the flambé thing after adding the Triple Sec. The house is still standing.


  1. Well, the ingredients make a charming still life.

  2. I like seeing the French packaging. My first crepe Suzette was at la Mere Poulard's on Mont St Michel- a forever memory.

  3. I love to see groceries in their French packaging, too :) I've never had Crêpes Suzette!
    I've maybe asked this before, about sugar: so, sucre glace is confectioners sugar.... then, what is sucre en poudre??

  4. You are clever! I have never had Ms Suzette's fancy crepes.

  5. mitch, with zest!

    evelyn, cool! I thought they only did omelets!

    judy, sucre en poudre is what we call granulated sugar. :)

    michael, I learned about them from Mrs. Child.


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