Wednesday, January 11, 2023

More hedges

In this shot, taken from the guest room window, you can see just how neat and tidy the hedges are. You can also see the difference in height between the low hedge on the western end (and in yesterday's post) and the roadside hedge on the left. The rounded hedge in the back corner is our bay laurel.

The hedges will start growing again in the spring.

Our weather continues to be gray and damp with brief periods of sun here and there. It's still not very cold, although I am making fires nearly every day. The house stays comfortable and we don't burn fuel oil.


  1. I do love your view -- and your hedges. I suddenly wondered if you ever considered solar heat and then I remembered the brief periods of sun.

  2. Off topic, Walt, but I was looking at the receipt from our dinner a couple of nights ago and saw that it was Pizza Sant(sic) Antonio on rue Saint Martin in the Marais. Iirc, you blogged about eating there when you were in Paris for the tennis open or when you met family/friends. If so, what a coincidence. If not, it was a very good dinner anyway. :)

  3. mitch, the shutters on the western windows are solar powered and they work fine. But operating shutters is a far cry from heating a house.

    bettyann, Pizza Sant'Antonio is one of my favorite places in Paris. The one I go to is on the rue de la Verrerie at the rue du Bourg Tibourg on a nice tree-lined square. Not far from the place on the rue St.-Martin, but I haven't been to that one.


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