Thursday, January 19, 2023

The doors

Break on through to the other side! Oh, wrong doors. These are the entry doors on the collégiale Saint-Sylvain in Levroux. I don't have much to say about them so I'll just post the photo.

The door on the left has a small person-sized door cut out of it. St.-Sylvain de Levroux, October 2004.

When the sun came up yesterday, we were surprised to see some snow on the ground. Not much, but here and there were patches of white ground. The puddles on the paved road were frozen, but those in the dirt road through the vineyard were not. Shortly after sunrise, it all started to melt.


  1. Nothing much needed to say. The picture says it all. Apparently, it feels like 5C here currently. Arctic!

  2. Cold in Paris this morning but no snow. The strike starts today so I think we’ll be walking instead of taking the metro.

  3. mitch, brrrr!

    bettyann, oh, I didn't realize that the métro would be on strike as well. Yikes!


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