Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Tennis in the morning

Melbourne is ten hours ahead of us here in France. When we're starting our day, the players at the Australian Open are moving into the evening/night session. I was watching yesterday's first round play just after 08h00. Rafael Nadal was playing on one Eurosport channel and Cameron Norrie, pictured here, was on the other. The sun was just about to rise when I snapped this shot.

The living room just before sunrise on Monday.

The wind finally died down yesterday evening, but it's still raining off and on. They keep saying we'll get some snow between now and tomorrow as the temperature continues to drop.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen that specific view of the living room. It looks so cozy.

  2. The atmosphere here is wonderful when the tennis is underway. I hope international tv shows some of the colour and movement aside from just the tennis.

  3. I agree with Mitchell and your new curtains are lovely.

  4. mitch, :)

    andrew, they show a little, but not much. And now it's been raining...

    bettyann, I like them, too.


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