Sunday, January 08, 2023


Not only did the guys split the birch and cherry logs in the yard, they also stacked them with the other firewood. The cherry logs are the orange-red ones on top of the pile. The tree was dying and looked awful. Its cherries were mostly pit, the little bit of flesh they had was too tart and not much good for anything. We're glad it's gone.

There are two stacks, one in front of the other. I'm moving the cherry toward the right to get to the birch and oak below. Taken with the Pixel 6.

The only (very minor) complaint I have is that the newly cut wood is stacked on top of the oak and other pieces of firewood. The cherry needs to sit for about a year before I can burn it. I'm attempting to move the cherry logs from one spot so I can reach the birch and the oak below it. It's the firewood shuffle.


  1. Good looking wood.

  2. I was going to say a job well done, but you've got to redo it. Ah well. That's a lot of wood. How long will it last you?

  3. The cherry wood looks cheery :-) We have two cherry wood pieces of furniture made in Kentucky.

  4. A little bit of exercise. You could do it as a relay.. One picks up the log and passes it to the other to stack.

  5. bettyann, and home-made, too! ;)

    mitch, it's not difficult, just a little juggling each time I fetch some for the fire. As far as how long it will last, that depends on the weather.

    evelyn, we had cherry kitchen cabinets in San Francisco. Not as orange as this wood, though.

    judy, bang!

    woody, exercise, for sure. I have to carry logs from here to the floor above where the wood stove is. I have one of those log carriers from LL Bean so I can carry a bunch at one time. That and splitting some of the larger logs with the axe are my exercise.


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