Thursday, January 05, 2023

Beyond the north forty

A fence separates our yard from the strip of woods to our north. Beyond the woods is a vineyard. Over the past few winters, wind storms have knocked down a lot of trees in those woods. A good majority of them are birches, including three from our own yard. Nobody seems to know who owns that land. We'd like it cleaned up a bit, and our neighbor to the east, whose property also borders the woods, told us that there are several trees leaning precariously over her property that she wants to see gone.

The strip of woods beyond our fence is a mess. Taken with the Canon 6D.

We know that if trees or shrubs are encroaching on someone's property, they have the right to cut them back. At least, we think we know that. But our neighbor doesn't believe she should have to pay for that. I don't blame her, but I'd rather have the trees gone before they fall on the fence.

One dead tree has been hanging over our yard for years. Yesterday, as part of his work chez nous, the landscape contractor cut it all down and got rid of it. Still, our view to the north is not particularly pretty.

I'm really happy with the work he and his crew did yesterday. The hedges are freshly trimmed, a dying cherry tree is gone, and all those birch trunks that I wanted to keep for firewood have now been split and stacked. I'll take some "after" photos today and post them soon.


  1. I'm with you. I'd rather not worry about the trees falling on your fence. Too bad about the view given all the work you've been doing. Strange that nobody knows who owns the land.

  2. I agree with Mitchell.... how much would putting up a new fence cost against what the landscaper charged... probably 2 to 3 times more!
    And surely the Mairie has the details on the written part of the cadastral plan and can find out....

  3. Here in my city, when landscaping comes across the property line that owner has the right to remove it (at their cost, of course). That is not a pleasant view.

  4. mitch, tim, it is strange, but sometimes people who own land die without making provisions for succession, or if a family member inherits land, he or she may not know it, or care, so it languishes for a while. I think there are processes for the town to deal with cases like that, but I'm not at all sure what's involved.

    mary, I think it's the same here.


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