Thursday, January 12, 2023

Looking east

Here's a throw-away photo of the back yard. I'm standing in the west forty looking across the vegetable garden plot toward the north forty. The giant Himalayan cedar looms large. It's dying. Another year or so and we'll have to have it cut down. The grass is very green thanks to all the rain we've been having.

The yard in winter.

I've got some errands to run today. Time to get busy!


  1. You'll soon run out of trees to cut down.

  2. It is interesting that both the US and Australian people are inclined to say 'back yard' and not 'back garden' as the English would. You are right. The cedar is not attractive.

  3. The green is lovely.

  4. Such a big yard to enjoy (and take care of!).

  5. mitch, I know. Some of them just reached the end of their natural lives. Others seem to be suffering from years of drought.

    andrew, the French use the word "jardin" as the English do with "garden." I don't know how we morphed that into "yard."

    bettyann, it is, but it will likely go back to brown in summer.

    judy, it takes a good deal of maintenance, that's for sure!


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