Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Close up

Here's a close up of one of the stained glass windows in the collégiale Saint-Sylvain in Levroux. I haven't done any research about the windows, so I don't know when they were installed or who created them. I'm sure the info is out there somewhere, but I know it's not on Wikipedia.

Detail in a window, St.-Sylvain de Levroux. October 2004.

It's time to pay the car insurance bill for the year. It used to be easy to pay on the company's web site, but for the past several years their site will not accept my American credit card. So I have to go into town and pay the bill in person. The card works fine in their office, so there's no problem with the card or my bank. I guess point-of-sale transactions are ok with the foreign card, but internet transactions are blocked. I'll see the staff once again in a few months when it's time to pay the homeowner's insurance.


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