Saturday, January 28, 2023

Is this it?

This was the snow we got a couple of weeks ago. It's the only snow we've had this season, so far. And it didn't last long once the sun came up. February is just around the corner so there is still time for snow. I don't have the numbers, but I think I can say, anecdotally, that we get most of our snow in February. March snow is always a possibility, too. Last frost danger is in mid-May.

I'm not even sure this would qualify as "a dusting."

It's too early to start looking forward to spring. Still, I'm beginning to tire of the daily fire chores (cleaning, splitting, lugging, and building). It always happens at some point near mid-winter. I'll get through it. The fire is nice once I get it going. And it helps us to use less heating oil.


  1. Beautiful colors. When I read the title I immediately started singing “Is that all there is?” Now I’m going to break out the booze — and maybe even have a ball.

  2. Your real fake well is still looking good and your perfectly trimmed hedge is beautiful. So happy you have out sourced that job.

  3. Winter is half over. Yeah!! L&L

  4. Somehow a proper snow seems necessary for me for my garden dreams in January.

  5. mitch, lucky you! ;)

    judy, :)

    bettyann, I have plans for the well this spring.

    l & l, your winters are much harder than ours. Hang in there!

    michael, I'd enjoy a proper snow. Just for a day!


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