Sunday, January 15, 2023

The organ

What a set of pipes! This is the pipe organ in the collégiale of Saint-Sylvain de Levroux. It was built in the early sixteenth century and is one of France's oldest. I read that it was recently renovated; this photo dates from 2004, well before the latest renovation.

I think that's Ken in the lower left. Saint-Sylvain de Levroux, October 2004.

We're still under gray skies with periods of rain. It's getting colder, but there's no danger of freezing at this point. The daily fire keeps us cozy warm, at least in the living room. That's where the thermostat is, so the rest of the house cools down a little when the wood stove is operating.


  1. That is an impressive set of pipes. Clear, sunny, chilly 15C here right now, and not even expected to reach 20C today. Brrr.

  2. The father of two of my former students (now in their 30s) is a church organ renovator (of some renown), originally from England. When I see these amazing organs, I always think of him.

  3. Church organs are magnificent instruments. I used to play the organ, back in High school

  4. mitch, we stayed in single digits yesterday, with wind. When I walk the dog, I'm bundled up with hat, scarf, and gloves.

    judy, cool!

    michael, they are amazing works of art.


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