Sunday, April 14, 2024

Apple blossom time

I tried to get a good shot of the apple trees in flower, but the bright sun makes it difficult, at least for me. Not that I'm complaining. The summery weather we've had for a few days was most welcome. After today things will get chillier again. It looks, however, like it may stay dry for a while longer.

Apple blossoms seen from the north side of the deck.

I finished cutting the west forty yesterday. Phew! There were a lot of tall, thick patches of grass and other weeds to fight through. But it's done. I may cut the south forty today (I cut it for the first time during a break in the rain a couple of weeks ago). It'd be nice to get it cut again to the same height as the rest. I'm also working on cleaning up the gravel path out back. Sticks, branches, pine cones, and dead leaves collect on the path all winter. Getting it all up takes a little time, but it's not at all difficult.


  1. There’s always so much work to do, but it sure looks beautiful. And now I have to finish singing Apple Blossom Time. I’ll be Maxine.

  2. Cut grass looks so good the first couple of days.

  3. When one has a house and land, there's always a lot to do to keep it up.

  4. And your results are always fantastic :) You two have such a great yard, and woooo hoooo to you for getting that cutting done. Lots of work!

  5. les abres du pommes - is this right?

  6. mitch, there is a certain satisfaction when it looks like someone is taking care of the yard.

    evelyn, yes. And then it keeps growing.

    michael, that's for sure.

    judy, we know it's bigger than we need. Maybe we can put in a pool. Or a tennis court. That'll cut down on maintenance, right? ;)

    michael, les pommiers = apple trees.


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